These are the things that really made a difference for me during treatment! If you know of others I should add, please let me know at

The name of the game here is comfort at all times!
  • Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Spa Socks (2pk)
              Often the treatment rooms are very cold and if they give you fluids for hydration you’ll be even colder, so cozy up!
  • Soft Blanket
              Same reason as above.
  • Butterscotch Candies
              Hard candy helps to decrease the unpleasant aftertaste caused by the chemotherapy.
  • Ginger Mango Nausea Candy
              Same reason as above and these help with nausea as well.
  • Lip Balm
              My lips, and everything else, were always so dry during treatment.
  • Port Access Shirt (Or any tops with loose access)
              The nurses will need easy access to your port, if you have one, so be sure to wear something that makes it easy on them.
  • Super Hydrating Skincare
              My skin was D-R-Y during treatment and this line completely saved me!
  • Super Hydrating Body Lotion
              Same as above.
  • Bamboo Pajamas
              Just a little something to spoil yourself because again…comfort!
  • Almond Oil
              If you are using a taxane drug (
    paclitaxel, docetaxel, taxol, etc.) it can turn your finger/toe nails black and cause them to fall off. 
              This was recommended to me by a friend and I didn’t lose any nails!
  • 25oz Water Bottle (4x a day)
              I drank 100oz a day and it definitely helped. If your skin is dry, imagine what your internal organs look like. 
              Get those drugs in, let them do their work, then flush them out asap.
  • Port Pad for your seatbelt
              Especially in the beginning, your port area can be tender and this will definitely help with comfort in the car.
  • Shows/movies to watch
  • Plastic Utensils
              Some patients experience a metallic taste in their mouths following treatment.
  • Head wraps
              I loved these! So soft and so many options.
  • Dry Mouth Kit
              Have I mentioned how dry you get?  Same applies here and this definitely helped me.
  • Soft Toothbrush 
              Your mouth can be very sensitive during treatment so everything gentle is key.
  • Headphones during treatment for music – take your pick
  • Anti-Diarrhea Meds (Check with Dr.)
  • Silver Lozenges (For mouth sores)
              Some chemos can cause mouth sores and these help to heal them a bit faster.
  • Ear Plugs
              I slept worse when I was uncomfortable and everything woke me up.  I started sleeping great after using these!
  • What to Eat During Cancer Treatment (Cookbook)
              Featuring 102 new dishes, this second edition provides practical suggestions to help patients and their caregivers anticipate—and overcome—the major challenges of eating well during treatment.
Keep hydrating and moisturizing!
  • Learn About Lymphedema
             This is most commonly caused by lymph node removal during surgery for cancer, radiation treatment to the lymph node area, and/or by the tumor itself, which might block part of the lymph system.
  • Front-Access Sports Bras
              If you’re having a mastectomy, you won’t be able to lift your arms over your head for several weeks.
  • Drain-Holder Tops
              These are a must have! 
              The drains need to sit somewhere and this is better than safety pinning them to your clothes while you’re at home.
  • The Brobe
              This is an amazing and soft robe that comes with built-in drain holder pouches!
  • Compression Pants (If you’re having fat transfer)
              I recommend buying three pairs so that you feel fresh for the first few days.
  • Wedge and leg support for your bed
              After my bilateral mastectomy, these were a must-have for comfort in bed because you can only lay on your back for several months.
  • Sleep Mask
              These are so soft and will help you get as much sleep as possible.
  • Alcohol Prep Pads (For your drains)
              These are essential for stripping your drains!  They give you a better grip for the best results.
              Grip the drain with the fingers of one hand, close to where it comes out of your body.
              With the fingers of your other hand, squeeze down the length of the tube with the alcohol prep pad.
              Start where it comes out of your body and move toward the drainage bulb. This is called “stripping” the drain. 
  • Mini-Measuring Glass
              To measure your drain output.  Your surgeon will ask you to do this to monitor when he/she can remove your drain(s).
  • Button-down shirts

              For easy on/off, your arm movement will be very limited.
Keep hydrating and moisturizing!
  • Radiant Wrap
              I loved mine while going through 6 weeks of radiation.  So much nicer than they gowns they provide at the facility.
  • Alra Radiation Lotion (Use am/pm)
              I used this immediately after (never before) every radiation and every evening before I went to bed and didn’t get a burn at all.
  • Solar Recover Hydrating Body Mist
              Made With All Natural Ingredients. Helps maintain general skin health and provides burn relief.
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