Having a Support System is Like Having a Safety Net Below You at All Times

Some people come with a huge built-in support system and others feel like no one will catch them if they fall. I truly believe that being lifted by others is an enormous factor when it comes to the success of your cancer treatment. It reminds you that you’re not in it alone, that there are […]

Cancer-Crushing Mixed Berry Smoothie 

Frozen berries in smoothies add fiber, taste, and iciness, not to mention a hefty dose of cancer-fighting compounds. We give this delicious smoothie an added boost of cancer-crushing power with soy milk, flax seed, and kale! Course: Breakfast, Dessert, Drinks, Snack Cuisine: Fruit, Gluten-Free Keyword: Smoothie Servings: 1 Author: Cindy Thompson, Trimazing! Health & Lifestyle […]

Cancer Fighting Soup

This hearty soup brings a healthy and tasty dose of vegetables to the table to boost the immune system. Make ahead and freeze for later using our freezing instructions. Yield: 12–16 servings (about 2 cup per serving) Prep: 10 minutes        Cook: 30 minutes Total: 40 minutes Ingredients 1–2 tablespoons olive oil 1 onion, diced 2–3 […]

Magic Mineral Broth

This is my Rosetta stone of soup, a broth that can be transformed to meet a myriad nutritional needs, serving as everything from a delicious sipping tea to the powerful base for more hearty soups and stews. So no matter what a person’s appetite, it can provide a tremendous nutritional boost. This rejuvenating liquid, chock-full […]

Trust Your Gut…Not Your Doctor (sometimes)

In August of 2019, I was doing my monthly self-exam, which I’d always been very good about because of my family history.  Well, what do we have here…  On my right breast, in the two o’clock position, I could feel a very clear lump.  It was so near the surface and felt like a marble.  […]


There is before, and there is after. The moment when nothing will ever feel the same. The light will never look the same. Your priorities will never be the same. Your perspective will never be the same. You. Will never. Ever. Be the same. In a half a second, I had the wind ripped out […]

Telling Your Kid(s) You Have Cancer

March 3, 2019 There is absolutely no manual for this. There is no right or wrong way. There is only love, perspective and honesty, but only as much as they’re able to process depending on their age. This photo marks the last 24 hours of childhood innocence. No cares, no stress, no worries. In 24 […]